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Custom jewellery based in Malaysia

Leading jewellery supplier in Malaysia

Jin Huo Gold & Jewellery Industries (M) Sdn Bhd was established on 29th of April 1997, based in Penang, and spearheaded by its Managing Director, Mr. Chiah Hock Yew, who is a successful gold manufacturer. He has more than 20 years experience in gold and jewellery industry and his business is one of Malaysia leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, specializing in wide range of 10K, 14K, 18K, 21K , 22K and 24k. gold jewellery.

In line with the continuously increase of demands from domestic and oversea market, Jin Huo has expanded its production line in year 1999 & 2000. Further, Mr. Chiah was responsible for the development and planning of the company and in charge of company financial, administration and marketing strategies. As a trusted jewellery supplier Malaysia, we always strive to provide custom jewellery with high class quality at affordable price.  

jewellery supplier malaysia
  • President of FGJAM (Federation Of Goldsmith and Jewellers Association Of Malaysia)

  • Vice President of P.W.G.S (P.W. Gold & Silver Ornament Merchants Association)

  • Vice President of MGA

  • President of Employee Union of Chinese Gold Smith Heng Woh Penang

  • Vice President of Penang Goldsmith Association

  • President of Bao Shu Tang Association - Northern Malaysia

  • Won 6 awards of Malaysia Good Design Mark.

  • As judge for Malaysia Jewellery competition.

  • 25 years of experience in design Jewellery.

  • Passion in improving the quality of Jewellery.

马来西亚金珠宝商工会联合总会 Federation Of Goldsmiths And Jewellers Association Of Malaysia


威省金银品商业公会 P.W Gold & Silver Ornament Merchants Association (reg.no 2049)

PWGS vice President 副会长

槟华兴和打金职工会 Penang Chinese Heng Woh Goldsmiths Empliyees; Union(185)


马来西亚黄金协会 Malaysia Gold Associationn

副会长Vice President

北马宝树堂 Bao Shu Tang Association Northern Malaysia

President 会长

Penang Goldsmith Association 吡能打金行

副会长Vice President

Our Jewellery Supplier Team in Malaysia

We have R&D team & Design Team. Jin Huo Gold & Jewellery has recruited experienced seniors, young productive professionals and skilled workers, with combining of endless creativity, up-to-date technology and equipment have produced excellent quality gold jewellery products for our customers. Our commitment is to create and improve the quality and value of gold jewellery, to provide world leading quality products under the good name of Malaysia.

It is our passion to create meaningful and unique customised products for each and every customer. We ensure that every piece that we made will be processed with love and care.

custom jewellery malaysia


“Professional Belief” has become our trend for the past 15 years. Our professional expertise and strength has rised Malaysian gold jewellery industry’s image. In the future, Jin Huo Gold & Jewellery is setting focus on Jewellery designs to raise Malaysian gold jewellery to the highest international standard.


We are integrated one-stop jeweler, from manufacturer to retailer of gold, jewelleries and precious stones with five core business principles of “5C’S” 

C ontinuous Improvement

C ustomer Satisfaction

C ompetency

C redibility

C reativity

Here at Jin Huo Gold & Jewellery, the professional gold and jewellery supplier in Malaysia, we always value high quality craftmanship in providing custom jewellery design to satisfy our customer’s needs. Take a look at our stunning collection of products