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Get Your Most Inspiring Jewellery From Professional Gold Designer

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It is definitely a great way to express yourself with a customized jewellery design by professional gold designers. Most of the jewellery stores have limited options, especially when it comes to unique design and styles. Finding inspiration and coming up with special design ideas for your custom jewellery might be a critical process. Hence, creative and innovative ideas from gold designers are necessary to produce unique and high quality pieces with worthable value. You can get professional help from them to create any particular concept tailored to your liking.

Who Is A Professional Gold Designer?

A professional gold designer creates designs for original jewellery pieces, including ring, necklace, bracelet, bangle, etc., by using gold. They are professionally equipped with knowledge and skills and will assist you throughout the custom design process to create the perfect pieces that suit you the best.

3 Tips to Find A Professional Gold Designer

Gold jewellery designers are getting common in today’s industry. Nobody wants to get ideas from someone who is not skilled or experienced enough. Instead of looking for ‘designer near me’ on search engine results, it will be better to know about the important tips to get yourself a professional gold designer. Read the tips below to find the right person and make a knowledgeable decision!

1. Experienced in gold and jewellery industry

Do research properly and find designers who are experienced in the gold and jewellery industry to make sure you find what you are actually looking for. The professionals should provide you with guidance when doing material selection in terms of its authenticity, cost, and availability. Only this will help you in choosing gold jewellery with good quality.

2. Updated with latest trends and fashion

There are many choices of gold jewelleries available to consider. When it comes to being trendy and fashionable, however, it can often feel like an overwhelming decision. Designers are vital to be updated with the latest trends and fashion in the market. This allows them to create new, unique and fresh designs for you to stand out among your peers.

3. Understand your vision and budget

It is better to customize your gold jewellery with the guidance of gold designers who understand your vision and budget. Find the right designers who are always willing to listen to your ideas and views instead of deciding the entire concept themselves. This way, they can guide and inspire your creativity to create the high quality pieces that fall within your budget.

4 Other Ways to Get Jewellery Design Inspiration and Ideas

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Besides getting design inspiration and ideas from gold manufacturers and designers, there are many things that you can do to come up with new and brilliant thoughts. You may continue to read some of the ways that we have listed below.

1. Natural sources

You may look around the shapes, textures and colours in natural settings such as plants, animals, stones and other forms of life. Natural sources are widely used in jewellery designs and they will never go out of style. Sometimes, you may explore these natural sources in different motions. For example, gold jewellery can be inspired by a flying butterfly to show off its creative expression in design.

2. Browse different themes and concepts from other designs

Different themes and concepts from other designs allow you to spark off your own new ideas. You may read through jewellery magazines and books or search through the internet with over millions of designs. This allows you to have no limitations on a specific style. Occasionally, you can get to define the shortcomings while browsing designs from others too. 

3. Start sketching while thinking of ideas

Sketching helps to encourage ideas and inspires creativity. Sketch out whatever jewellery designs you have on your mind no matter where you are. This is because you may encounter something with different colours, shapes and textures at any time. Furthermore, you can grab another opportunity to create a gold jewellery design based on the mixture of your ideas from different sketchings.

4. Look at past popular fashions

Referring back to some of the past popular fashions and designs of gold jewellery is also one of the ways to get inspiration. This way, you can learn how to insert a certain decade or retro style to your customized jewellery designs. Past popular trends might come back into fashion too!

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3 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Gold Jewellery

Since a professional gold designer knows how to make a perfect fit for you, you should follow their guide and learn what to consider before choosing the right gold. 

1. Gold Purity

The “Karat” of gold determines the gold purity. The higher the gold purity, the higher the value.

Number of Karats Parts of Gold % of Gold Purity

2. Colours of gold

There is only one real colour of gold, which is yellow. However, gold can be alloyed with different other metals like silver, copper, zinc, etc., to create various colours. Below shows some of the most common gold colours:

  • composed of pure gold, silver and copper
  • comes in different karats
  • made by mixing pure gold with a white metal (nickel, magnesium, or palladium)
  • formed by mixing copper with yellow gold
  • combination of gold and silver
  • created by adding silver, manganese, and copper to gold

3. Weight of gold

The weight of actual gold is vital to be checked before purchasing it. This is because other used stones might add weight to the gold. It is better to confirm every detail of the weight with your designer to prevent from paying an unreasonable price.


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