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Enhance Your Beauty With Stunning Gold Bangle in Malaysia

gold bangle malaysia

Search for ‘Gold Bangle Malaysia’ on Google or any other search engines and you will find out there are various kinds of gold bangles that may look gorgeous on you. Gold bangles would be a great addition to your jewellery box as they can adorn your wrists while making you look good. Hence, it is true enough to say that a gold bangle is a must-have jewellery for most people.

What is a bangle?

A bangle is a rigid bracelet which is usually made of metal, glass, plastic, etc. It is one of the common jewelleries that can be worn alone or with other jewelleries around the wrist.

The Significance of Wearing Gold Bangle

The meaning of bangle, “the ornament that adorns the arm” in Sanskrit, is derived from the Hindu word Bangri or Bangali. During the ancient times of India, the tradition of wearing gold bangles has already started. In spite of that, women today still love to wear gold bangles that are available in different colours and designs. Gold bangles have been part of every family, showing that gold bangles are still trendy in today’s world.

The Significance of Wearing Gold Bangle

Why Is Wearing Gold Bangles So Popular in Malaysia?

When looking at the broad jewellery categories, gold bangles still remain as one of the most popular jewelleries in Malaysia. Gold bangles come in a variety of designs and colours, so the possibility of matching with different styles is endless.

1. Ideal jewellery for any generation

Different generations are most likely to have their own choices of jewelleries. In this case, a gold bangle never goes wrong. There are various choices of gold bangles for different age group’s people to wear at every stage of their life. For example, it can be cutely designed with cartoon or animal themes to bring out the charm of kids. It is not only suitable for the younger generation, but also perfect in bringing out the matured perspective of the older generation. No matter what styles or budget you expect, you can find the one that fits your needs.

2. Comfortable to wear

Gold bangle can be very comfortable to wear if you have customized the right size that fits your wrist. It is also unheavy and suitable to wear for occasions that require a lot of movement.

3. Stay fashionable

Gold bangle never goes out of style. It is always considered fashionable and trendy. The creative style and design of the bangle are easily customizable. Hence, you may customize your gold bangle with whatever fashionable designs that you love from scratch.

4. To easily matches gold bangle with your outfits

Gold bangle is one of the reliable accessories for your outfit. You will always find a piece to perfectly complement your look for special occasions like weddings, birthday events, and ceremonies. In addition, you don’t have to waste time on finding different types of jewelleries since having a good collection of gold bangles allows you to match your outfit well. 

3 Tips to Match Your Gold Bangle With Your Outfit

1. Know your occasion

2. Consider the colours

  • Analogous colours (colours beside each other): A yellow dress would look gorgeous with a green stone on your gold bangle.
  • Complementary colours (colours that are opposite one another): A purple dress would go well with a yellow-gold bangle.

3. Balance is the key

Creative Ideas to Style Your Gold Bangle in Malaysia

locks and keys

We have been fascinated by locks and keys for centuries. Locks and keys hold an element of romanticism, and they have been used as a symbol of intimate couples. They reflect deep love between two people which expresses “my heart belongs to you”.

The special design of this gold bangle gives us an insight into the culture of Ancient Roman. The Ancient Roman symbols combine with the spirit of the meaningful Greek epic that highlights the gentle features of quality and craftsmanship across the separation of time. The complexion becomes more exquisite and generous when embellished with sparkling white diamonds.

Floral themes have always been popular among jewelleries. Flowers may enchant anyone with their vibrant colours and graceful transitions from one shade to another. This bangle design continues the unique local design aesthetics. The design of the flower appreciates the combination of western modern design concepts and eastern national characters. Kindly take a peek at our gold bangle collection now! 


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