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Create Your Perfect Custom Jewellery Design in Malaysia

Our gold designers have experience in creating custom jewellery malaysia.

Are you struggling to find yourself a suitable custom jewellery in Malaysia? Nowadays, it is critical to find the right piece of jewellery. Everyone wants to be unique, and the demand for custom jewellery has been consistently high. It is true that having something that completely meets your needs and your style provides you the satisfaction that spans a lifetime. Hence, grab yourself a chance to be involved in creating a piece that you will treasure.

3 Benefits of Having Your Own Custom Jewellery

1. Gives freedom to express your own story

Custom jewellery brings out what they mean to you. It is actually a reflection of who you are. You get to decide what you want, and how simple or intricate the design of the piece is. It is your own freedom to express your personality in every detail, including the size, shapes, colours, gemstones and gold purity.

2. Different choices of unique jewellery for different occasions

By customising your own piece of jewellery, you don’t have to worry about having the same jewellery as others. Besides, personalised jewellery allows you to have different creative designs for special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties and ceremonies.

3. Boost your confidence

Wearing symbolic jewellery is definitely a great way to boost your confidence. It brings out the features that you love and cherish so that you can feel more comfortable with what you are wearing.

The Process of Making Custom Jewellery

1. Discussion on jewellery concept

We would firstly discuss the ideas of design and the types of jewellery with you to fit your personal style.  We provide guidance to help you in discovering more about the styles you like. In addition, we’ll frequently sketch some of those ideas with you.

2. Production

During the manufacturing process, your idea will be designed into a CAD model for digital rendering of all angels so that adjustments can be made at this stage. Then, our gold manufacturer will produce a wax model of your jewellery, and proceed to the processes of casting and polishing. You may check out more details of our manufacturing process to have a clear mindset on how your piece is done.

3. Revealing of your custom jewellery

The design detail is evaluated and analysed to ensure that your custom jewellery is perfectly done. Finally, your jewellery is ready to be worn!

How Much does Personalised Jewellery Normally Cost?

The cost of your personalised jewellery depends on what you want. There are various factors affecting the cost of your jewellery, including materials, gemstones and design. Since you are the one who decides the details, you can spend wisely on what you need. It avoids you spending extra money on jewellery that you are not comfortable wearing.  

4 Important Tips to Design Your Perfect Piece of Jewellery

Jin Huo gold manufacturer has extensive experience in custom jewellery service

1. Check the latest trend before deciding your concept

2. Plan your idea with right shapes and colours

3. Consider wearability

4. Get inspiration from trusted jewellery manufacturer

How to Take Good Care of Your Custom-made Gold Jewellery?

1. Clean your jewellery regularly

  • Regular use accumulates dirt and dust and causes exposure to chemicals and pollutants
  • Clean your gold jewellery at least once every month

2. Don’t wear jewellery while taking showers or swimming

3. Clasp your jewellery before storing it in a dry place

  • Prevent from getting tangled and causing damage


A look is not complete until the right jewelleries are added. It is also vital to enjoy your jewellery with the design you love. Here at Jin Huo Gold & Jewellery, we listen to you and strive to create meaningful custom jewellery that is irreplaceable.